What Is Original Sin

What is original sin?

Original Sin was the decision Adam and Eve made to follow Satanís blandishments instead of Godís Word (Genesis 3:1-5). From that initial mistake, all other sins have derived, including war, illnesses, diseases, and the wrath of nature we mistakenly call ďacts of GodĒ (including death -- the ultimate result of sin in this world) including condemnation, the ultimate result of unforgiven sin in the next world.

With far more grace than Adam, Eve ruefully admitted that the serpent deceived her (Genesis 3:13); she didnít intend to fall. However, the historical biblical account contains a truth we canít overlook: she allowed Satan to diminish the distinction between God and humanity so she could be tempted to eat the fruit. Falling to the lie that no unbridgeable difference existed between her and the Creator, she believed that wisdom could be gained where only knowledge accrued. Satanís continuing success in diminishing God by elevating mortals explains the basis of temptation and the fountain of sin.

Sin is first and foremost rebellion against the God who is different from all His creation (Psalm 51:4).

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