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Who Is God?

Who is God? If we are willing to accept the Bible as containing truth, then we know the answer to "where did we come from?" According to the ancient scriptures, we were created by God. So the next question is…why? After all, He’s God, and as such, He certainly doesn't need us for anything -- so why did He create us? Who is God really? What does He see in us, really? Check out some of the following for some answers…
  • Names of God Video: How should you use God's name? OMG? The names of God describe who He is, and should not be relegated to a verbal tick.
  • God Quotes: What did God say in the Bible? What are His quotes? Find a sampling here and also read quotes that theologians have said about God.
  • God Video: Are you curious about God? Want a deeper connection? Maybe your life experiences have left you feeling disappointed with God, or wondering if He is disappointed with you.
  • Relationship with God: What is this relationship based on? Is it just religion or is it something more? Find out God’s design here.
  • Eternal God Video: Can I like God? Does He love me? Are you curious about God? Want a deeper connection?
  • Holy Spirit: One of three persons in the Godhead. How can we understand the true character of God?
  • God is Gracious Video: How is God gracious? Andy Stanley illustrates Christ's embodiment of Grace and Truth.
  • God is Just Video: The One Minute Apologist asks special guest Mike Mason the question "Is God Unjust Because He Allows Suffering?"
  • Everlasting God Video: Song and Lyrics for Jeremy Camp's song of worship about God's everlasting attributes. What does it mean to you?
  • Angry God: Is God angry with you? Does it seem like He has something against you? Find out what we often interpret as anger.
  • Immutability of God Video: The Franz family sings about God's unchanging hand. Be encouraged by the words in this uplifting song.
  • Why Are We Here Video: What is the purpose to life? Why do we live on Earth? What is our meaning? Find out here.
  • Fear of God: How do we decipher what this phrase actually means? Study the verses and learn from the original language.
  • Guardian Angels: Learn more about these messengers of God and why they are important to God’s plan. Find the biblical support.
  • God Is Love: A look at God's amazing nature of unconditional love, mercy and grace.
  • God The Creator: Who is this God who created the universe? Enjoy a creative verse explaining God’s act of making the world.
  • All About Worldview: Has your worldview changed through the years? What do you think of these issues and topics of importance?
  • Garden Of Eden: What are the ancient roots of this biblical story? Bible story or Bble truth?
  • Absolute Truth: Is right and wrong relative to our society and situation? Think about your response here.
  • Goodness of God: Learn about this attribute of God? How does it reconcile with all the suffering we see in the world?
  • Wisdom of God: Can mankind be given the wisdom of God? Can we acquire this gift? Find information on this attribute of God.
  • Sovereignty of God: What is sovereignty and how is it one of God's attributes? What does the Bible say about it and what verses back it up?
  • God of Mercy: How does God show mercy? Learn about God's attribute of mercy and how we see it impact our lives.
  • Omnipresence of God: What does it mean that God is present everywhere? What does it not mean? Find out how this characteristic of God impacts you.
  • God is Gracious: What does God's grace mean? What is it? Why is this included as an attribute of God. Study the Bible here.
  • Why Are We Here?: How do we figure it all out? How do we grow deeper in understanding the life we live?
  • What Does God Look Like: Are their certain attributes that we know? Can we verify what God looks like by reading what the Bible says?
  • Names Of God: God's names in the Old Testament say everything about who God wants us to know Him as.
  • Is God Unfair: Why doesn't God make sense to us? Why do the innocent suffer and evil people succeed? Learn more.
  • Is God Unfair Video: Are you feeling singled out alone confused scared? Are you currently asking, "Why me?" Does God seem unfair?
  • Everlasting God: Does God claim to be without beginning or end? Is He eternal? Study the Bible verses here.
  • What is Love: Does it have a definition? What does it mean to us? How does it impact our daily lives?
  • Where Is God?: If God is Spirit, how can we relate to Him? How can we truly know He's there?
  • Attributes of God: Clicking inside will answer your questions concerning why God created humans, and what purposes we have in this world.
  • Situational Ethics: How do we ultimately define our code of morals and ethics? Is there a standard for everything?
  • Original Sin: What does this phrase really mean? What does the Bible tell us?
  • Problem Of Evil: Why is this such a barrier for so many that reject God? How do we reconcile the evil in the world?
  • Meaning Of Life: Discover what it's all about. Examine the most intriguing answers to life's most difficult questions.
  • God: Check out the latest arguments for the existence of God. Who is He really?
  • Infinite God: What does it mean that God is infinite? How can God be without limits? What does this attribute of God mean?
  • Immutability of God: What is immutability? Can God become more holy? Can He change? Find out what this attribute of God is.
  • Who is God Video: Who is God? Who is Jesus? What is ultimate reality? How do you answer that question? How does our culture today answer that question?
  • Faithfulness of God: How is God faithful? Why does the Bible refer to His faithfulness? Study the verses and see examples of God's faithfulness.
  • Holiness of God: How does an understanding of the holiness of God help us through trials? What is holiness? Find biblical instruction here.
  • All About GOD: The Christian community for seekers, skeptics, and believers.
  • Holy, Holy, Holy: What are the lyrics? What are their meaning? Why is this hymn so powerful for many people throughout history?
  • God's Love: Discover the most precious loving act ever done. God sent His Son to die for you! Learn more about this gift.
  • Love Of God: Is the Creator a God of Love? God's Love revealed. God's Love foretold. God's Love manifested through His only Begotten Son.
  • Who Is God?: Who is the God of the Bible? Is the Christian God the same as the god of nature?
  • Holy Holy Holy Video: Listen to Holy Lord by the Destinysong project. How is God holy? Why is He holy?
  • Understanding God: Is it possible to fully understand God and His ways? Are there things about Him we can understand? Find helpful information.
  • A Jealous God: Why is God a jealous God? What does that mean? Study the Bible verses and discover how God is jealous.
  • Promises of God: Do all the promises in the Bible relate to you? Can you claim them as your own? Find out.
  • True Name of God: What language does God speak? What is His name? How should we pronounce His name and call to Him?
  • God is Love Video: Worship with Destinysong as they share God's love for you and all people. Why does He love us?
  • Attributes of God Video: Does this all-knowing God care about us? What happens when we cry out to Him? Worship with Destinysong.
  • Give Glory to God Video: Come Awake by The Destinysong Project. Find inspiration by worshiping along with them.
  • God Loves You: Does He really love me? Why am I on that list? Find out the biblical proof that God loves you and sent His Son to die for you.
  • Love of God Video: Sing along and worship with Destinysong. Learn about the love of God and what makes it unique.
  • Omnipresence of God Video: I Will Not Fear by The Destinysong Project. What does it mean that God will not leave you? Will He always be there?
  • Give Glory to God: How does God receive glory? What is involved? Learn from biblical examples and apply the principles to your own life.
  • Fear of God Video: Why is the utter awe of God considered the beginning of understanding? What do we know about the character of God? Not for the faithhearted - Watch this short video clip and stand in awe!
  • Is Heaven Real Video: Can we investigate the reality of heaven? What can we know about the unseen realm of the supernatural? You gotta stream this short video clip!
  • Why is There So Much Evil in the World Video: Watch this short video answer now! Why is there so much evil in the world? Why is this question the ageless stumbling block to God?
  • Wonderful Wizard of Oz Video: What do the Yellow Brick Road, the Emerald City, and Oz have to do with the Question of God? Stream this video clip now!
  • Self-Sufficient God: What is this attribute of God all about? What does it mean? What is the biblical support?
  • Eternal God: Why does it matter if God is eternal? How does it impact our faith and our view of God? Learn about this attribute.
  • Triune God: Why is it important to have a basic understanding of the trinity? Find out what it means that we have a triune God.
  • Omniscience of God: How is God all-knowing? What does this mean? Are there limits to God’s omniscience? Find out here.
  • God is Just: If God is just, why do we see so much unfairness in the world? What does the Bible say? Find out.
  • Omnipotent God: Understand this attribute of God. What does it really mean? How can an understanding of it impact our view of God?
  • Self-Existent God: What does the Bible say about this attribute of God? What is the Latin definition? Find out helpful information here.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? - We have all sinned and deserve God's judgment. God, the Father, sent His only Son to satisfy that judgment for those who believe in Him. Jesus, the creator and eternal Son of God, who lived a sinless life, loves us so much that He died for our sins, taking the punishment that we deserve, was buried, and rose from the dead according to the Bible. If you truly believe and trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone as your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will be saved from judgment and spend eternity with God in heaven.

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