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Biblical Gap Theory

QUESTION: Biblical Gap Theory - Is the Gap Theory based on the Bible?


The biblical gap theory is based primarly upon the findings of modern geology, which many interpret as indicating that the Earth is billions of years old. Gap Theorists believe that the Genesis creation account describes a literal 6-day creation event around 6,000 years ago. They reconcile this contradiction by inserting an ambiguous chronological gap between the first two verses of Genesis. They believe that it was during this Gap that Satan and his angels fell and that many of the Earth’s extinct plant and animal species (including the dinosaurs) lived and died. Gap Theorist believe that this period of Earth’s history came to an end when the Earth was devastated by some sort of cataclysmic catastrophe, either by a global flood such as the one in Noah’s day or by an impact event (an asteroid struck the planet).

Gap Theorists cite several passages of Scripture to support their view. Primarily they reinterpret passages traditionally interpreted as referring to Noah’s Flood (2 Peter 3:3-7 for example) and they cite passages describing Satan’s fall (Ezekiel 28:13-17; Isaiah 14:12; Luke 10:18).

The biblical passages which Gap Theorists cite do not actually serve as the basis for their theory. They come after the fact. Modern geology serves as the basis for the Gap Theory. The biblical passages serve only to support the theory. The “Biblical Gap Theory” is biblical only because it is read into the Bible by its proponents. Most Bible scholars today do not subscribe to the theory.

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