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Causation and Does God Exist

QUESTION: How does Causation Answer "Does God Exist"?


There are a number of sound arguments for the Existence of God. When confronted with the question, “Does God Exist,” look to the Argument from Causation.

    The Premises:

    1. Everything that begins to exist has a cause.
    2. The universe began to exist.

    The Conclusion: The universe (initial space, time, matter, and energy) had a cause.

The Argument from Causation

Premise 1 of the Argument from Causation is true for the following reasons: (i) By definition, “nothing” cannot do anything; (ii) we never experience something coming from nothing; and (iii) every instance of change requires a cause, and something coming from nothing would be an instance of change.

Premise 2 of the Argument from Causation is true for the following reasons: (i) An infinite number of quantitative events faces logical impossibility; (ii) an eternal universe would have reached maximum entropy already; and (iii) scientific observations have established that the universe began to exist.

The Conclusion requires the cause of the universe to be a “mindful” and “aware” cause. A non-mindful/non-aware perpetual state of being could never change from that eternal state apart from a volitional source. In addition, the order and complexity of the effect points to a mindful and aware cause.

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