Complexity and Does God Exist

QUESTION: How does Complexity Answer "Does God Exist"?


Another argument for the Existence of God is Biological Complexity. When reviewing the question, “Does God Exist,” look to the Argument from Complexity.

    The Premises:

    1. The more complex something is, the more likely it is a product of design.
    2. Biological complexity is more complex than all man-made design.

    The Conclusion: Biological complexity is a product of design.

The Argument from Complexity
Premise 1 of the Argument from Complexity is true because denial would be unreasonable, requiring us to argue that the more complex something is, the less it requires an intelligence.

Premise 2 of the Argument from Complexity is true since even the simplest cell is more functionally complex than a modern city.

The Complexity argument does not commit a false analogy because:
  1. While life has the ability to reproduce and man-made designs do not, the first self-replicating cell would have acquired its vast complexity without the ability to reproduce.

  2. The fact that life forms have the ability to reproduce shows how much more complex biological complexity is compared to man-made design. Life is self-sustaining, self-repairing, and self-reproducing.
The Conclusion requires a distinction between repetitive order (such as waves, whirlpools, and crystals) and specified complexity (such as DNA code). Waves, whirlpools, and crystals form as a result of built-in chemical properties reacting to natural laws. DNA is information. It transcends the chemical medium of its delivery like any other language or code. There are no inherent chemical properties that would cause life to come from non-life, or complex information to come from mere matter.

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