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Evidence For Creation

QUESTION: Are there many scientists who accept evidence for creation?


“Creation” is a bit of an equivocal term. It can by used to mean the creation of the universe by God in a very general sense, or it can used to denote the specific belief held by biblical young-earth Creationists that God created the universe over a period of just six 24-hour days about 6,000 years ago. Depending upon which meaning of the term you have in mind, the answer to the above question varies.

If you mean “creation” in the general sense of the term, a recent survey of American scientists found that about 40% believe in a personal God.1 Belief in God usually accompanies belief in creation. Thus, in the absence of a specific study on how many scientists believe in creation, it is safe to say that about 40% of American scientists believe in some form of creation, whether it be theistic evolution, progressive creation, the gap theory, or young-earth creationism.

If you mean “creation” in the biblical young-earth Creationist sense of the term, hundreds of scientists openly profess to believe in a recent creation. The Creation Research Society alone claims over 700 Ph.D. scientists.

In 2001, Dr. John F. Ashton, a fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, published a compilation of 50 essays written by 50 Ph.D. scientists who profess faith in young-earth creationism based upon evidence for creation. Dr. Ashton’s In Six Days is available in book stores. In 2002, Dr. Ashton published a sequel entitled On the Seventh Day in which he presented 42 more essays written by 42 more Ph.D. scientists who present the evidence for creation.

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