Free Will and Does God Exist

QUESTION: How does Free Will answer "Does God Exist"?


Surprising to many, the notion of Free Will actually points to the Existence of God. When responding to the question, “Does God Exist,” it’s important to understand the Argument from Free Will.

    The Premises:

    1. Free Will cannot be the result of mere chemical reactions.
    2. Human beings have Free Will.
    3. Human Free Will began at some point.
    4. There cannot be an infinite regression of volitional causal agents to account for human Free Will.

    The Conclusion: There is a self-existent volitional being who accounts for human Free Will.

The Argument from Free Will
Premise 1 of the Argument from Free Will is true because in a purely naturalistic world, all human thoughts and actions would be the result of chemical reactions occurring by necessity.

Premise 2 of the Argument from Free Will is self-evident. If we deny that we have free will then there is (i) no basis for moral accountability (how can people be held morally responsible for their chemical reactions?); and (ii) no basis for reason, since reason depends on the ability to choose between at least one correct proposition and at least one incorrect proposition (how could people engage in debate if all propositions are the result of deterministic matter in motion?). In addition, without human free will, we would be forced to defend the absurd notion that the universe itself made everything from cars to computers. Obviously, the human race could not be responsible for the last 5,000 years of “stuff” if all its thoughts and actions were chemically-predetermined.

Premise 3 of the Argument from Free Will is true since humans begin to exist at birth. As such, there is no reason to doubt that our ability to choose began at some point.

Premise 4 of the Argument from Free Will is true simply because of the logical fallacy of infinite regression.

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