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Genesis Creation

QUESTION: Genesis Creation: What is the biblical account of creation in the book of Genesis?


If you have ever wondered if you are of any importance to God, you don’t need to look beyond the biblical account of creation in the book of Genesis for the answer. From its very first words you can see that God had you in mind. Before you even existed, God had a plan and it involved you.

A loving parent takes special care before the arrival of their precious child -- making certain that everything is ready, everything is perfect, everything needed for that child to thrive on is available. God is the perfect role model of that caring, careful preparation. The biblical account in the book of Genesis lays out all God did in preparing for you. God wanted a world that would be the perfect habitation for you to flourish in.

When only darkness and a vast and chaotic void existed, God created the heavens and the earth. With four simple words, Let there be light, darkness found itself eclipsed and life-sustaining light fell upon the world that would be your home. Seeing it was good, God called the light “Day,” and the darkness “Night.”

The biblical account of creation in the book of Genesis shows that God spoke Let there be. . . five more times, and each time the awesome power of His words created one more aspect of the world that would be the perfect home for you. The sky became the perfect expanse separating the waters above from the waters below. The dry ground God separated from the waters. And when God said Let the earth bring forth. . . grass, and trees and vegetation of all kinds, each yielding fruit according to its kind, sprang forth, giving you all that you would ever need to feed yourself.

God continued speaking. On the fourth day from His word, the stars and planets were created to give light to the earth, to give measure to time, until finally our own sun and moon divided our morning from our night. On the fifth day God spoke again, and this time His Let there be. . .inhabited the earth, the sky, the seas with all manner of living things. And your habitation was perfect, and looking at it God saw that it was good.Every part of it good! Ready! Perfect!

The biblical account of creation in Genesis shows the care and precision in which God spoke all things into existence, with a purpose. And that purpose was you. And here God’s method of creation changed. Here His love takes on a greater dimension, because when it comes to you, God did not speak. Instead, He stepped upon the earth that He spoke into existence. Then He knelt down, reached His own hands into the dust of the ground, and fashioned man with the greatest of care. And when the form was perfect, God Himself breathed into its nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being. On this sixth day of creation, God created man in His own image. For He longed to commune with you, to enter into a binding relationship with you, where He could pour out all His love upon you and receive your love in return.

The biblical account of creation in the book of Genesis is all about love -- the love of God for you. A love so focused on your needs that every aspect of what God created now provides the perfect environment in which you can thrive and prosper. God gave you dominion over all of it. Then His words spoke again, this time His words of blessing fell upon you. Blessings that endure. . . all for the sake of love.

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