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Global Flood

QUESTION: Is there any evidence for a global flood?


There is much evidence for a global flood including evidence from geology, archaeology, ancient legends, catastrophism trademarks, biblical consistency, evidence of Noah’s ark, and from Jesus Christ Himself. The worldwide flood, the biblical story and the evidence fit together perfectly.

In general, the credibility of the worldwide flood story in the Bible is supported by unrelated facts that support the truth of the Bible. In recent years, much archaeological evidence has been found that supports the truth of many facts documented in the Bible. Also, Jesus, God in the flesh, completely supported the truth of the Old Testament and quoted it often.

The climate in the pre-flood era was different than after the flood. Before the flood, it may have never rained and instead, a mist watered the surface of the earth. The climate was warm and moderate, which was favorable to plant and animal life from pole to pole. Evidence of high concentrations of bones found all over the globe is consistent with what would be expected from a tropical, lush, pre-flood environment and a catastrophic worldwide flood. Some of these areas include Agate Nebraska, a cave of San Ciro in Sicily, ossiferous fissures in England and Western Europe, including the Rock of Gibraltar and Santenay in central France.

The only possible explanation for most fossils is rapid deposition from a catastrophic event. The worldwide flood is the only satisfactory explanation for the evidence. The uniformitarianism philosophy that was made popular by evolutionists 150 years ago cannot explain the fossil evidence. Additional evidence that completely supports catastrophism and recent deposition are discoveries in the polar-regions where animals are left standing with undigested food in their stomachs.

Oceanographers took core samples of sediments in the Gulf of Mexico that included fossils shells from one-celled plankton called foraminifera and made an interesting discovery. They discovered that at locations in the core samples that represent thousands of years ago, the salinity in the water was suddenly reduced based upon the shells locked-in permanent record of the conditions. This reduction in salinity could only be caused by a huge fresh water deluge.

There is much archaeological evidence confirming the Flood of Noah. There is a tablet in Babylon on which one of the Babylonian kings mentions his enjoyment in reading the writings of those who lived before the Flood. Another Babylonian tablet gives an interesting confirmation. Noah was the tenth generation from Adam according to the Bible, and this Babylonian tablet names the ten kings of Babylon who lived before the Flood. Another tablet names all the kings of Babylon, and after the first ten there are the words: “The Deluge came up. . .”

Stories of the Nochian Flood have been found in almost every civilization in the world. Dr. Aaron Smith of the University of Greensboro collected a complete history of the literature on Noah’s Ark. He found 80,000 works in 72 languages about the flood. About 70,000 of them mention the wreckage of the Ark.

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