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History Of Dragons

QUESTION: Does the history of dragons actually link back to dinosaurs?


In order to answer that question, one must first look at the history of dragons and dinosaurs. Plus, we need to answer within ourselves whether we believe in God’s creation of the world or do we believe in evolution?

We have a history of dragons because ancient peoples from all over the world spoke about unusual, reptile-like creatures (large and small) that once roamed the earth. These people from Europe called them “dragons.” The descriptions sounded similar to dinosaurs. Scientists agree that legends are almost always based on facts, not just imagination. Dragon pictures are found in Africa, India, Europe, the Middle East, the Orient and every other part of the world. Dinosaur-like animals have been drawn and written about since the beginning of recorded history. Some of the stories became wild, but yet, many seem rather believable.

Many evolutionists believe that dinosaurs became extinct millions of years before man walked the planet, but think about the world’s legends regarding dragons. Dragons are drawn on cave walls; written about in ancient literature, and described in the Bible. They are included in every culture of the world causing many to believe that what these people saw were actually dinosaurs. There are dinosaur fossils, which have been discovered along with human footprints and remains that add proof to the ancient people’s history of dragons. Furthermore, there are contemporary, unusual dragon or sea monster sightings. Some have been captured in modern times.

Dinosaurs were created along with man and all other animals. They were not called dinosaurs, but rather, dragons. Thus, the history of dragons begin. The big ones died out. People forgot that dragons were ever real and quickly faded into mythology. When dragon bones were dug up later, they were given the new classification of dinosaur.

The Bible records that a worldwide flood occurred causing massive destruction of all living things on earth except for Noah’s family and God’s selection of animals. All the other people, plants, animals and vegetation that were destroyed in the flood were fossilized in the sediment, the source of fossil fuels. The earth’s climate changed after Noah’s flood, for it was the first time rain had occurred on the earth. Before the flood, the earth was covered with a canopy of mist creating a giant green house.

The ice age came during the history of dragons (dinosaurs) when the earth no longer had that green house climate, which enabled reptiles to live so long. Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures needing warm temperatures. In addition to the climate change reducing the population of dinosaurs, people hunted those that remained, because of the menacing behavior of the large creatures.

People forgot about the history of dragons, and centuries later in 1822 the first dinosaur bone was discovered. It was thought to have come from a giant iguana. Interestingly enough, if you place an iguana in a warm, moist climate with plenty of food allowing it to grow to a few tons, you have a dinosaur.

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