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Physical Evidence Supporting Creation

QUESTION: What is the best physical evidence supporting creation?


Physical evidence supporting creation would include both physical evidence that directly supports creation and physical evidence that refutes biological macroevolution. This statement is true because either life evolved via a random natural process or life was created by an intelligent designer who we refer to as God. Any evidence for one is evidence against the other.

Also, any evidence that supports the truth of the Bible also supports creation. Alternatively, evidence that shows that parts of the Bible are not true supports evolution and not creation. In addition, any evidence that supports a young earth is consistent with the Bible and inconsistent with evolutionary theory.

The best evidence for creation and design is within all of us. It is our reality. It is what we see, feel, touch, smell and our overall consciousness. It is knowing what it is like to be me. Generally, it is very easy for us to distinguish between natural and created items. Even the staunchest evolutionists admit that living things appear designed. That is why evolutionist Richard Dawkins wrote the book titled “The Blind Watchmaker.”

The Bible states in Romans 1:20 (NKJV): “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse.”

Although evolutionists agree that things look designed, they argue that nature has some powerful things up its sleeve that can produce what appears to be designed through a natural random process. The obvious physical evidence that would result if their theory were true is multitudes of transitional fossils filling our museums. Their existence would make a strong argument for macroevolution but, if missing, a strong case for creation. Evolutionists would love to present us with such evidence, but they are unable to because the transitional fossils don’t exist! That is powerful physical evidence for creation.

Also, much physical evidence exists that directly supports creation and a young earth. One is evidence that shows that everything on earth is undergoing devolution rather than evolution. This fact of science and the supporting evidence presented here was documented by scientist, Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo, in a booklet titled “Biology for the 21st Century.” Genetic disorders in humans were shown to be increasing exponentially. This is the opposite of evolving toward higher species. Likewise the population on earth is increasing exponentially. Dr. Carl Baugh documented evidence that shows that the magnetic field on the earth is decreasing exponentially. All this physical evidence points toward a young earth and devolution rather than evolution.

In addition, the concept of evolution is completely contrary to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Devolution and the Bible are both consistent with this well-established law.

Paleontology has identified that plant and animal life thrived much more at some time in the past. Everything was much bigger. This is consistent with the biblical record of the pre-flood earth. The Bible reports that men lived to about nine hundred years of age.

Consequently, both direct and indirect physical evidence support creation and refute biological macroevolution.

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