Scientific Evidence Supporting Creation

QUESTION: What is some of the scientific evidence supporting creation?


Scientific evidence supporting creation has come from a variety of scientific disciplines, including astronomy, physics, and biology. Here are some examples.

From astronomy we have Galactic Redshifts and “Hubble’s Law,” the phenomenon whereby galaxies appear to be moving away from the Earth at speeds roughly proportional to their distance. This observation suggests that our universe is expanding outward. Scientists have extrapolated this expansion backwards through time and found that our universe appears to have popped into existence suddenly, from nowhere and for reasons unknown. It appears that our universe had a definite beginning. This is scientific evidence supporting creation.

From physics we have the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The Second Law says that our universe is constantly and irreversibly going from a state of order to disorder. It is as if someone wound up a clock that is now slowly unwinding. Not only did the universe begin suddenly, it has been “winding down” ever since. The fact that it was wound up in the first place contrary to the Laws of Thermodynamics is often interpreted as evidence supporting creation.

From biology we have DNA and the genetic code with its inherent language convention. Where did this digital information come from? Our universal experience is that digital codes are the products of intelligence. The fact that the blueprints for every living creature are encoded in their DNA is compelling evidence that they were initially created by an intelligent agent. This is strong scientific evidence supporting creation.

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