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Book Of Genesis

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Book of Genesis - A Creator God is Necessary
About 100 years after Darwin, the history presented in the Book of Genesis was once again vindicated by scientific observations. With advances in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Genetics, Darwin's proposed evolutionary mechanism was shown to be deficient. Natural Selection has been shown to be a conservative process, not a creative process. Thus, the Theory of Evolution is without a feasible mechanism. Furthermore, the Information and Language Convention inherent to the DNA molecule, together with the insurmountable hurdle of Irreducible Complexity, have once more vindicated the necessity of a Creator God.

The Book of Genesis - The Creation Record
The Book of Genesis records the six days of creation, commonly referred to as the "Creation Week":

    Day 1 - Space/time, Earth (a watery mass), and a temporary light source.
    Day 2 - Earth's atmosphere.
    Day 3 - Dry land and plants.
    Day 4 - The sun, moon, and stars (for lights, signs, days and years).
    Day 5 - Sea life and flying creatures.
    Day 6 - Land animals and mankind.
People often wonder how there could have been a day/night cycle for Day 1 through Day 3, while it wasn't until Day 4 that God created the sun to be the permanent light source for the Earth. All it takes for the Earth to have a day/night cycle is for the Earth to rotate on its axis and for light to come from one direction. The Genesis account tells us that God created both the Earth and light on Day 1. The Genesis account also tells us there was a day/night cycle on Day 1. Thus, we can logically conclude that the Earth was already rotating in space relative to this light source on Day 1. On Day 4, God created the sun as Earth's permanent light source. Thus, the temporary light source, whatever it was, was no longer necessary.

The Book of Genesis is the foundation for the universal institution of the seven-day week. The 24-hour day/night cycle is determined by Earth's rotation on its axis. The 30-day month cycle is determined by the moon's lunar orbit. The 365-day year cycle is determined by the Earth's solar orbit. It's interesting that the 7-day week cycle is universal, yet it has no basis outside the Book of Genesis.

The Book of Genesis - The Fall of Man and the Curse
The Book of Genesis records the "Fall of Man." In the beginning, God created a perfect creation. It was all "very good". A necessary component for perfection is love. A necessary component for love is free will. True love, by definition, cannot exist apart from free will. Unless you have the ability to choose evil, there is no true ability to choose love. Thus, God created us with the potential for sin, but did not create sin itself. Adam, the first man, actualized that potential and brought sin into the world by choosing himself over God -- a selfish act. The word "sin" is an Old English archery term that simply means to "miss the mark" (in contrast, "bulls eye" means to hit the mark). The word "sin," like "love," has become cliché and has nearly lost its intended meaning. Simply, whenever we "sin," we miss the mark from God's perspective. God made us to choose Him, to get to know Him, to love Him. Generally, we care more about ourselves than God. We invent our own gods, rather than accept the only true God. We don't want to know Him. We don't choose to love Him.

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