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Age Of Earth

Age of Earth: Why Does It Matter?
"Age of Earth" is a query typed into many Internet search engines these days. Why? Because the issue is very crucial, and the entire world is divided by it. Your response to this three-word query will reflect your entire worldview.

Age of Earth: Two Worldviews
A look at the "Age of Earth" query reveals that there are really only two possible solutions as to how everything came into existence -- Creation or Evolution. Creation is the concept that Someone apart from the universe created the universe. Evolution is essentially the atheistic explanation of origins. It must be stressed that neither theory has been proven by the evidence. Both theories should be treated as "religious" beliefs, since they are both held by faith, separate and distinct from testable, repeatable data.
It is agreed that Evolution is not possible without excessive amounts of time (it is argued that even given excessive lengths of time, Evolution is not possible for various reasons). If the Earth is young, we are left with only one option -- Special Creation. If the Earth is excessively old, Evolution is theoretically possible. Obviously, it is in the best interests of Evolutionists to prove an Old Earth. And so we have the Question: "What is the Age of the Earth?"

Age of Earth: Education or Indoctrination?
Public schools in the U.S. view the "Age of Earth" query as a separation of Church and State issue. They feel compelled to push Old Earth as a means to remove God from public education. This is a contradiction, as an atheistic worldview is no less "religious" than a Creationist worldview. The immediate result from such an effort is censorship of Young Earth evidence. The long-term result is that our students are indoctrinated, not educated. A child in the U.S. public school system is not learning both theories of origins. As such, Evolution is being taught as scientific fact. Here are some examples of evidence not reaching today's youth:

  • There are approximately 5 times the Natural Chronometers indicating a Young Earth than those indicating an Old Earth. Today's student is not aware of ANY Natural Chronometers indicating a Young Earth, and is therefore ignorant of 80% of the total data.
  • All data is interpreted through presuppositions.
  • What are the presuppositions and how were they reached? (an example would be the assumptions fundamental to Radiometric Dating).
  • Uniformitarianism is taught as scientific fact, but is merely an Evolutionist presupposition to explain sedimentary layers. Uniformitarianism has been dramatically weakened by geologic features such as poly-strata fossils and the lack of erosion between strata.
  • There is an alternative to Uniformitarianism - Catastrophism -- which is validated by ancient manuscripts, poly-strata fossils, fossil clams (in the closed position) found on Mt. Everest's peak, sedimentary rock, the fact that 95% of all recorded fossils are marine invertebrates, etc.
  • There are actually six stages of Evolution necessary for what we see in today's world (cosmic, chemical, stellar/planetary, organic, macro, and micro). Only one stage, Micro-evolution, has been observed, and the rest are merely assumed. Many of the assumptions have actually been shown to be unreasonable (for instance, the lack of transitional fossils has severely affected the theory of macro-evolution, and the observation of retrograde motion, "voids" and "clumps" have proven to be a great setback to the theory of cosmic-evolution, starting with the Big Bang).
  • There are actually Limiting Factors that limit the possible age of the Earth (like moon-drift, magnetic-field decay, Earth's slowing rotation, ocean-floor sediment build-up, chemical influx into the oceans, etc.).

Age of Earth: Be Wary of Unreasonable Conclusions
Age of Earth: Perhaps a better question is not "What is the Age of the Earth?", but rather, "Are we being educated or indoctrinated?" Our children are not being taught what the evidence is and how to think about it, they are being taught to memorize a small portion of inconsequential data and to believe an unreasonable conclusion. We urge you to seek out ALL the evidence before you make ANY conclusion.

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